Our Commitment

The Women's Cancer Research Center (WCRC) is a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and the Magee Women's Research Institute (MWRI).

The mission of the WCRC is to reduce the incidence and death from women's cancer. This mission is achieved through the development and fostering of vibrant basic, translational, and clinical research aimed at translating novel discoveries into improved patient care.

What We Do

The WCRC provides a supportive environment for a programmatic approach by basic scientists, clinician scientists, clinicians, post-doctoral and clinical fellows and graduate students. The research thrust is thoroughly integrated with the excellent basic, clinical and clinical research programs already in place. Research programs focus mainly on breast and ovarian cancer, but also include other gynecological cancers. Integrated into the research program is an education component aimed at developing the next generation of researchers and physicians in women's cancer.

Major research areas include:

  • Mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression
  • Hormone receptor action and resistance to hormone therapy
  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Prevention
  • Molecular profiling of early disease and progression
  • Development and testing of new diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic biomarkers
  • Identification and testing of new targeted therapies
  • New imaging techniques, and integration into screening programs
  • Research on normal development of breast and ovaries
For more information, visit http://www.upci.upmc.edu/WCRC.