Pregnancy Adaptation Group

What We Do

The Pregnancy Adaptation Group is one of the world’s leading groups studying preeclampsia from an enormously diverse perspective. Dr. Carl Hubel leads the nation’s only PPG studying preeclampsia, which includes most of the members of the group. These projects are addressing cellular and molecular mechanisms of preeclampsia as well as behavioral, epidemiological and clinical components leading to the disorder. A current emphasis is to determine how obesity increases preeclampsia risk. The group also addresses other adverse outcomes of pregnancy including fetal growth restriction and preterm birth. Further interest is in the long-range associations of these disorders with later life health of the mother and her infant.

Members of the Pregnancy Adaptation Group:

Janet Catov, PhD
Sandra Founds, CNM, FNP, PhD
Robin E. Gandley, PhD
Carl A. Hubel, PhD
Arun Jeyabalan, MD, MSCR
Michele Okun, PhD
Kristiina Parviainen, MD
Robert W. Powers, PhD
James M. Roberts, MD


Amy Bregar, AB, MSc - Medical Student (Scholarly Project)
Pei Lee, PhD - Graduate Student Epidemiology
Simone Reynolds - Graduate Student Epidemiology
Lai Xu, MSc - Medical Student (Scholarly Project)
Tracey Weissgerber, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Staff

David Lykins, MA
Marcia Gallaher, BS
Daniel Plymire, BS
Sarah Parana, BA
Lia Edmunds, BA
Kelly Sopko, BS
Stacy McGonigal, BS

Lab Alumni
Selected Publications