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2. YLP Nepal 2014 

MWI has published the second edition of the YLP Nepal 2014 newsletter. In this edition, the Nepal delegates reflect on their experiences during the May exchange and introduce their Community Action Plan.

The U.S. delegates have returned from their 3-week exchange in Nepal. Thanks to our in country partners, Nepal Break Dance Foundation, the delegates had a wonderful learning experience. The U.S. team has started their CAP meeting sessions already to begin to develop their Community Action Plan and submit their proposal narrative and budget to MWI.

Learn more about our YLP Nepal 2014 international exchange program. 

3. MWI has kicked off our Wisewomen Ministries program, funded by Susan G. Komen Pittsburgh.

This program will provide culturally appropriate breast health education and navigation services to international and African American women in Pittsburgh! MWI will equip and empower local women to become the Wisewomen of their community on breast health information and referral services. Learn more about our Wisewomen program

Our community partners include:

  • Bethlehem Baptist in McKeesport, PA

  • Casa San Jose (St. Catherine's in Beechwood and East Liberty Presbyterian)

  • Islamic Center of Pittsburgh in Oakland

  • Jewish Family & Children's Service in the Hilltop area (Mount Oliver and Carrick)

  • South Hill Interfaith Ministries in Prospect Park

4. MWI has begun its "Youth Leadership and Teacher Professional Development Program with Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2015", funded by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

MWI is thrilled and honored to be awarded another youth and adult leadership exchange program for 2014-2015. This is a one-way U.S.-based exchange to Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. that will take place in the spring of 2015. The delegation will consist of 18 youths and 3 adults from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Delegates will be engaged in a variety of activities during the U.S. exchange such as workshops, community and/or school-based programs, seminars, civic education programming in Washington, D.C., and other activities that are designed to achieve the programs goals. The youth and adults will have several opportunities to interact with their American peers and will live with host families in Pittsburgh. 

Program Goals:

1. Promote mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

2. Prepare young leaders to become responsible citizens and contributing members of their communities and to develop their leadership skills;

3. Nurture a cadre of students and teachers to be actively engaged in addressing issues of concern  in their schools and communities upon their return home and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become citizen activists.

Program Objectives:

1. Demonstrate a better understanding of the elements of participatory democracy as practiced in the U.S.;

2. Demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills; and

3. Demonstrate skill at developing project ideas, planning a course of action, and bringing the projects to fruition.

5. In May 2014, MWI hosted 5 Russian physicians at Magee-Womens Hospital for the Open World program.

A delegation of five Russian obstetric gynecologists visited Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC and Magee-Womens Research Institute for a comprehensive program exploring advanced care practices and scientific research for a wide range of women's health issues. The delegation was hosted in Pittsburgh May 23-31, 2014. They discussed best practices in gynecolgical care, obstetrics, neonatology, mid-wifery, maternal/fetal care, and prenatal care with our American physicians. They also learned about Magee's significant research advances in ovarian cancer, breast cancer, fertility, reproductive biology, and uterine prolapse. Members of the delegation shadowed physicians and nurses in Magee's neonatal intensive care unit, birth center, breast imaging center, and spent time in MWRI's laboratories observing current research projects and technology.

This visit was managed by Open World Leadership Center, a support agency of the United States Congress. The Open World program enhances understanding and capabilities for cooperation between the U.S. and the countries of Eurasia by developing a network of leaders in the region who have gained significant, firsthand exposure to American democracy.


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